Hydraulic cylinder manufacturer trader in Mumbai India

In India we are leading manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders. We make all types of hydraulic cylinder like intensifier hydraulic systems; multi stages hydraulic cylinders, stainless steel hydraulic cylinders. Fail-safe hydraulic cylinder (and), Colum type hydraulic cylinder (pnl) single-acting hydraulic cylinders, and double-acting hydraulic cylinders in all types of mounting systems.

The hydraulic cylinder consists of a cylinder cast in which a piston connected to a piston rod moves back and forward.

These hydraulic cylinders are used mainly for steel plants, paper industries, rubber industries, and many more. 

Quality of our product is at the finest level, as we focus on customer satisfaction.  

Features of Hard Chrome Shaft (piston Rod)

Material GradeSS316
Unit Pipe Length6 meter
Bore diameter28mm to 900 mm
Internal Diameter AccuracyH7,H8,H9
Internal RoughnessRA 0.1Mu m – RA 0.2Mu m

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